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New direction

NEW DIRECTION If that is the best direction only time may show, yet, following world horse-breeding, we started establishing our native breeds in our country, as well. Around the world, people selection horses and try to selection the ideal sports horse! They only call them different names. Usually those names are after the province or region of breeding, and that is completely true for Germany. A little behind at the start, yet somewhat ahead in our choice of good steeds, we started on our way to establish the BULGARIAN SPORTS HORSE and the EAST-BULGARIAN HORSE.

After the Trackeners and Hanovers, that have been widely-known and popular over the past 30-40 years, the most fashionable breeds lately are Oldenburg, Westfaltzer and Holsteiner. Now, the aim is to breed the universal horse – equally strong, beautiful and multifunctional. On those grounds serious horse-breeding develops in countries neighboring Germany – Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. That was how KWPN and Zangersheide appeared, alongside some less popular breeds. It is very curious that Zangersheide chose that the establishment of the ideal show jumper horse should make a world trip. There is no breed association that lets horses bred abroad to its auctions, if their mother and father are not of their breed, whether or not they are Hanovers, Oldenburgs, Westfaltzers or Holschteiners. The only mare system open outside the card-index of the breed is Zangersheide. According to the concept, the ideal jumper will be bred through mares from all around the world. That may slow down the outcome, yet perhaps it will be very good!!! That enables everybody with a well-selectioned mare to get it pregnant by their steed and get the young horse to an auction after it turns 2.5 years.There, good horses are really well-paid for! In addition, the organization assist horse-breeders with additional bonuses for the future achievements of the horses they raised, that is – it considers them and supports them constantly! That is the only sure sale alternative for a breed horse that the horse-breeders in the country have so far. Here, even the best horse will be sold either at a loss or at a price close to its cost, which discourages all horse-breeders or makes them give up that activity. It is a GOOD idea that every club in the country that has good mares available should try its chance. It is not the case that the Kabiyuk has no horses, but the feeling of having raised a horse yourself is special. Besides, that will open a field for better competition! Even if the horse is not accepted at an auction, as the casting is a serious barrier, it will serve the club itself and it may become a magnificent athlete! The global crisis makes us spend with good reason, so where we used to take part in tournaments with 1-2, 2-3 or 3-4 horses, we now tend to reduce that number for the sake of our horse-breeding activities in our clubs! Perhaps that is for the best! After all, a horse needs BGN 5-10 per day to sustain?! And when a young horse is positioned, the budget of a club is fixed for a year, or more, ahead!!! The average price at an auction varies between 10000 and 30000 euro! Even with a risk to make an advertisement, clubs that don’t have any mares at their disposal, may get in touch with SILVENA SPORT! Here, mares are extremely carefully-chosen and all serve the aim of achieving high results in horse-breeding! Our club intends to create a fan club of Zangersheide in our country, which will strengthen the relations between our breed associations, as well as the rise of our national sport both at a club and higher level!

Our club was at the top at the second test for East-Bulgarian steeds and mares which was held on 17.11.2007 in Shumen. We took the first and fourth ranks with the steeds Amur and Darko. Last year we ranked second and sixth with the horses Vasal and Taver. The achievements raise our hopes for even better results of the club’s young horses.

Since the beginning of 2008, the club began to fertilise its mares by steeds of the world elite. Some of them are known to the people who are familiar with the Holsteiner breed – Kalido 1, Kazini 2, Quiddams Rubin, etc. We are going to make cross-breeds with younger steeds, who are expected to reach the top positions of world rank-lists. We hope to have more and better breeding material in the future.

The main disciplines for which the horses at the club prepare are Eventing and Show jumping. The eventing horses from Bulgaria are more competitive than the European ones due to their lower price. Yet, that is true for horses of the beginners and middle classes. There are athletes for the higher classes, but there are no horses in our country. That is due to the fact that eventing is the harder discipline and the horses get a larger percent of injuries, which is one of the reasons why owners shun from the risk and sell their animals at the first opportunity. Another reason is that raising a horse for the higher classes is a long, risky and often unsuccessful process. Independent of that, our club is ambitious to have horses prepared for all classes in a couple of years.

Our first horse from artificial insemination was born on 24.11.2008. We named her Venus of Milos. There is a saying that a horse’s name determines its fate. We hope that holds true and the mare may become beautiful and well-developed like Venus, notwithstanding the fact that she was not born on the Greek island of Milos. Her father, Valentino, is young and perspective steed of the Hanover breed.

Our third horse from artificial insemination was born on 21.09.2009. The little beauty is daughter of the phenomenal Quiddams Rubin and our own Galeshta. For our biggest regret she was orphaned when still 20 days old. Her mother was one of our best mares. 

Since the beginning of 2010 SEC Silvena Sport has been giving you the opportunity to raise your own clean-breed horse in exchange of sustenance of two young horses – one of them for the club. If you dispose of normal conditions for horse sustenance, you may apply for approval (if you are under 18 years of age, you should do it together with one of your parents) in the YOUNG HORSEBREEDER programme. Applicants should be between 13 and 23 years old. During the past several years the club’s mares are inseminated by steeds of the European and world elite. They are of the leading breeds of Oldenburg, Holsteiner and Hanover. A representative of the club will visit you and if you get approved, you will receive an inseminated mare that will get inseminated again after she gives birth at your facility. After giving birth and raising the second horse until 6 month of age, the first one will become your property and you will bring us back the mare with the young horse. The only thing you are supposed to provide are cares for the mare and her sustenance. It is highly recommendable that the applicants come from the region of Ruse or northeast Bulgaria.

Consultations and questions every day from 9 to 20 h at 0897891630 and 0888309584.