Clarisall's paternal sister (Clarimo-Casall Ask) sold for 1.8 million euro!     Our horse was rated better by the heirs of Cornet Obolensky, Casall Ask and Chacco Blue!     400 000 Euros for Chinchero - the reserve champion of the Holsteiner breed!     Rodrigo Pessoa ride a stallion by Clarimo!     The Clarisall generation (Clarimo Ask x Casall Ask)     Brother of our Clarisall was purchased for 170,000 Euros!     Michel Robert compete with our horse!     CHAMPIONS OF 2015     NEW CHAMPIONS ARE COMING     The generation of 2014     Tests 2013     Autumn auction of Zangersheide     Successful offspring of Valentino entered in sport and gain success     TOP 1% in Germany     March brought us a lot of luck and new hopes     February brought us joy and sorrow.     ESI Auction: Clarimo foal for 30,000 euros, 44,000 euros at the top race horses     Taloubet Z wins Rolex Top 10     Young stallion Valentino-Acorado has reached a price of 270 000 EURO!     The descendant of Valentino     Stage Three     New direction     Artificial insemination     Horse Training     Horses for rent     


Horse breeding in Bulgaria acquire real meaning in recent years. Easy access to information already provides a unique opportunity for a few years to catch up with the best! We started with a good Bulgarian stallions and gradually came to some of the most famous in Europe and the world !!! Names like CALIDO I, QUIDAM'S RUBIN and KANNAN speak of many connoisseurs!


Horse breeding is a symphony of all types of livestock said Stefan Ratkov - one of the biggest Bulgarian breeders at the end of last century. He give his life to the horse breeding in our country and he is one of the reasons we so passionately dedicated and thorough to continue on its way. Meaning of the horse club program is continually raising the quality of horses and bringing the best selected for centuries in Europe to raise the level and the native Equestrian. Initially we aim to competethe best horse farms in the countrythen the best in Europe, and if we have the support of our customers after a few more years to compete with the best in the world!Using the mothers of the best lines in the country's proven selections and improve the quality of offspring. Stallions were initially selected from the most proven and established lines in the country. After selected the proven stallions in Europe, and for the coming years we aim in TOP 1% of the best in the world! So after we passed several stages and produced a whole new generation mares bought and young stallion breed Holsteiner. Clarisall is CLARIMO - CASALL - CASSINI, it is currently the most modern blend of leading lines for breeding in Germany! After mid-2014 it will be used for breeding.

Our main goal in 2012 remains the production of horses for elite sport, as well as their realization! For elite horse breeding takes patience, a lot of deprivation (investments) and elite mothers! For their cultivation emphasized both well known names in modern horse breeding as CALIDO and QUIDAM'S RUBIN and the starlets combining pedigree several proven lines, VALENTINO, APOKALIPSIS, ACODETTO and CONTEFINO! We used also sons of horses already entered in sport, ARAGON son AKHAN Z and CHARMED Z son of world champion CHELLANO Z. At the beginning of 2013 we expect horses and AKHAN Z stallion with excellent exterior features and excellence in sport! So the club is born Venera Miloska, Quidam's Girl, Ayris, Arka, Chudesna, Kaligrafia and Acodetta. In the selection of stallions intentional stake in parallel with the high jump qualities they possess excellent mechanics, good temperament and the best possible performance in dressage! What better than a horse that has several directions for development ?! A modern trend in Germany is the infusion of foreign blood into three main breeds Selle Francais, English Thoroughbred and Anglo-arabian to their proven lines. Following these trends we produced CHUDESNA, VENERA MILOSKA and KALIGRAFIA. Mother of Ayris and Chudesna - SIMPATIA 50% Selle Francais, 25% and 25% Purebred Gidran. Mother of Venera, Malina is Anglo-arabian and mother of KALIGRAFIA, Grenada is 85% Purebred English. We believe in the results because our choice is the best of the best !!! The first horse produced artificial insemination Val Kilmer is already under saddle and impressions about his qualities are excellent. The contact in sport with Asparuh Atanasov goes hand in hand with the development of our horse breeding. Reverse connection gives the right direction !!! LORD ARGENTINUS, QUIDAM'S RUBIN, VALENTINO and AKHAN Z will be breeding stallions for 2013. With luck next year there will be even more interesting foals. The focus for the 2014 fall a few lines in the KWPN licensed in other breed associations that will combine produced by our mothers! Stallions as DARCO, QUICK STAR, HEARTBREAKER, NABAB DE REVE and their heirs PARCO, BIG STAR and TOULON longer dictate the rules of modern sport!